Videos 2015

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General Interest 2013 - 2015

Gilbert & Bennet Forum 11-17-14
CT Trust Got Mill Forum and Gilbert & Bennett Update
The Legacy of Joan Ensor
Lumina Ryder, Redding's last one-room school teacher
Margaret Wixted: An Historian's Perspective
Slipstream In a quiet way
Fall 2015/Light/Color/Image
A Newport Visit
Passing Thru
Redding's History 1789 - 1865 -
From agrarian community to industrialized town & back.
The Bridge
Summer 2015 - Of Land & Sea
In Transit - From woodland to farm & then some
RHS Rock'n Roots Revival
RHS Rock 'n Roots Revival - Franklin's Tower
Redding Rid Litter Day 2014
Memorial Day 5-23-2015
All About Books & Then Some :)
A New York State of Mind
Charles Keating - Speak the Speech Extended Version
Georgetown FC No.1 Ice Rescue Training Exercise
Redding's History: 1729 - 1789
Winter's End
Winter 2015
Of Ice & Snow
Territorial Rights :)
DC/Video Design Set
< 32F
A Certain Kind of Progression
Random Walk
A Short Walk in Irvington
Redding Tree Lighting 12-7-14
Mid Summer
Redding Memorial Day 5-24-14
Georgetown Volunteer Fire Department No. 1 CPR Course
Focus on the Veterans - Redding's Alexander Sawchyn
Mosaicultures Internationales - Land of Hope
John Read Middle School Christmas Concert - 12-12-12
Redding Tree Lighting 12/7/2013
Redding's Colonial Origins to 1729
Solarize Workshop
Keeping Your Money Safe
Redding Memorial Day Parade, Saturday, May 25, 2013
Elementary My Dear Watson
Early Spring
By Moonlight
Finding Nemo
Days of Future Past


Government Programs 2015

Redding BOF Budget Presentation with the BOS & BOE 12-14-15
Redding Board of Selectmen 11-23-15
Redding Board of Finance 11-23-15
Redding Board of Finance 10-26-15
Redding Board of Selectmen 10-19-15
Redding Special Meeting C-PACE 10-19-15
League of Women Voters Candidates Debate 10-14-151
The Redding Board of Education Debate 10/7/15
Redding Board of Finance 9-28-15
Redding Board of Selectmen 9-21-15
Redding Board of Finance 8/24/15
Redding Board of Selectmen 8-17-15
Redding Board of Selectmen 7/20/15
Redding Board of Finance 6-22-15
Redding Board of Selectmen 6-15-15
Redding Board of Finance 5-18-15
Redding Board of Selectmen 5-18-15
Redding Board of Finance 4-27-15
Board of Selectmen 4-20-15
Public Forum to Discuss Capital Items on May 5, 2015 Ballot 4/8/15
Redding Board of Finance 4-6-15
Redding Board of Selectmen Special Meeting 4-6-15
Town of Redding Special Meeting 4-6-15
Redding Board of Finance 4-6-15
Redding Board of Finance 3-23-15
Redding Board of Finance 3-12-15
Redding Board of Finance 2-23-15
Redding Board of Finance 1-21-15